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Franciscan ExpressCare clinics offer both PCR testing and rapid testing. We also offer antibody testing. The PCR test is the most reliable test and for those patients that need a test for work, school, or travel. For all other patients the rapid covid testing delivers quick results in about 15 minutes.

Diagnostic Testing & Imaging

Point of Care Testing and X-Rays

Franciscan ExpressCare clinics offer both point of care testing and on-site x-rays, this allows the provider to determine how to treat our patients quicker. We offer the following point of care testing: Covid-19, Flu A & B, Glucose, Mono, RSV, Strep, Urine Pregnancy, and Urinalysis.


Franciscan ExpressCare clinics are equipped to diagnosis and treat fractures & dislocations, laceration repair, sprains, and strains.


Franciscan ExpressCare clinics can treat a wide variety of illnesses including abdominal pain, abscess & cysts, allergies asthma, bronchitis & pneumonia, cold & cough, Covid-19, ear infections, fever, flu, food poisoning, foreign body removal, mono, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pink eye, strep, sore throat, tick removal, upper respiratory infection, urinary tract infection.

Lab Tests

Onsite Point of Care Testing and

Laboratory Testing

Point of Care Testing (Covid-19, Flu A & B, Glucose, Mono, RSV, Strep, Urine Pregnancy, and Urinalysis), STD Testing (HIV, chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis, syphilis, and other venereal diseases), other lab tests as determined by the provider at time of visit.

Medical Procedures

Casts & splints, incision & drainage (I&D), removal of foreign body objects, stitches/sutures.

Pediatrics (all ages)

Franciscan ExpressCare clinics see all ages of pediatric patients with common illnesses: allergies; bladder infection; urinary tract infection; cold & cough; ear infections; fever; flu; hand, foot, and mouth; mono; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; pink eye; rashes; RSV; sore throat; strep; upper respiratory infection.

Women’s Health & Sexual Health

Pregnancy testing, spotting, STD testing, unusual discharge, urinary tract infection, vaginal infections, vaginal itchiness


Sports and Camp Physicals

The first step in your child starting a new sport or camp is to ensure they are healthy and ready to participate. A pre-participation physical exam (PPE) pays special attention to the cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal systems. This in-depth evaluation identifies youth who are at risk of developing an illness or injury during physical activities.

Physical exams not only prepare students to participate in sports but also give parents valuable information about their child’s health. The process addresses the student’s full medical history, including immunizations. Students will need to bring their completed and signed state athletic association physical form and any additional forms provided and required by the school or camp.

Skin & Rashes

Franciscan ExpressCare clinics can diagnosis and treat common abscess & cysts, athlete’s foot, bug bites, burns, cuts & scrapes, jock itch, rashes, tick removal.

A little rash, a sore throat, a nasty tumble off the back deck or a collision with a mailbox. When life’s unexpected illnesses and injuries don’t warrant a trip to the ER, get the care you need now.