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Lake County Public Library


The Lake County Public Library has been using Franciscan HEALTHeACCEESS since early 2023 and has been getting positive and outstanding feedback from many of our employees. We’ve had several of our employees use the clinics twice already and stated that having this program as an employee benefit has helped their family with relieving the amount of stress that goes into healthcare and it has been “outstanding.” One employee even finally figured out about a lingering health issue and was recommended to go to a specialist. Many other employees have used the clinics for basic colds and stated the ease of getting in to see someone and the medicine given at the clinic was very beneficial. There was no lengthy wait time and no worrying about going to a pharmacy afterwards while you’re not feeling well. We’ve had several employees take advantage of the Yoga program. They’ve had all positive feedback from their sessions. In the short time the library has had this benefit, it has been extremely valuable in many ways.

-Greg Madouros, Jr. (Lake County Public Library)

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