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Virtual Urgent Care Visits

Franciscan Physician Network Virtual Visits

See your Franciscan Physician Network primary and specialty care providers from the convenience of our own home. Patients can use the MyChart App to connect with the doctor’s office virtually or request an in-person appointment.

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What does virtual urgent care treat ?

Urgent care through Franciscan ExpressCare is appropriate for minor illnesses and injuries. Commonly treated conditions that may be treated during a virtual visit include:

Ear Pain
Urinary tract
infection (UTI)

Franciscan Express Care is available for diagnosis of and treatment for minor injuries and conditions. If you believe you might be experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

How does an urgent care virtual visit work?

Once you click the button to connect to your visit you will fill out a couple of quick things and then be placed into a virtual waiting room until you are connected to a provider.

How much does a virtual urgent care visit cost?

The out-of-pocket cost for your virtual visit is $69 if you are not using insurance and choosing to self-pay. If you are using insurance, the cost may be less. If once you start it is determined that you cannot be seen virtually, you will not be charged for your appointment. If you require lab work, imaging or other follow-up that will be referred and charged separately just as it would if you were to come into an office for your appointment.

Virtual Visit tips and trouble shooting

Virtual urgent care visits are not compatible with all browsers and works best in certain versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. If you are using an iOS device, please open in Safari.

Current wait times may be longer than usual, so once you get to the screen that says you are waiting for a provider don’t close the waiting window. This screen may be up for a while as we work to treat patients in front of you and get you connected.